Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Goldilocks And The Three Bears Story

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Through the eyes of GOLDILOCKS
By Keelin
One day, my class and I went on our annual trip to the woods for a fancy picnic. As my class were sitting and eating quietly, I snuck out to explore with my friend Brownie. I wandered far into the woods soon I had lost Brownie and was in the middle of nowhere. Straight ahead, I saw a house on a hill. I skipped along the pathway towards it. When I got to the top, I yelled “anyone home?” No answer. The door was slightly opened so I crept inside. On a table were 3 rather large bowls of porridge. I went to try the first bowl. I spat out the mouthful, “Yuck, too hot” so I went to sip the next one, “Disgusting, too cold, are they trying to kill me?” There was one more bowl left. After that delicious meal, I walked into their patio. There were again 3 chairs. I sunk into the first chair, literally. “This is too squishy,” I exclaimed. I sat in the next one. “Oww, too hard,” I said as my head hit the back of the chair. There was another chair so I sat down. “Perfect,” I thought until the chair shattered in pieces. “Oh well,” I said. I yawned so I went upstairs to find a decent bed. Then again in one room were 3 big beds. I lay on the first one. “This is too bouncy,” I said, bouncing. She tried the middle bed. “This is so uncomfortable,” thought Goldilocks. There was one more bed. I lay in that one and thought, “This is perfect.” It was so perfect I fell asleep.


I heard chatter and the door open from down stairs. I thought it was the wind so I dozed off again. I heard it again but it sounded closer. I opened one eye and there before my very eyes were three large and very hairy bears. The littlest bear yelled, “She’s on my bed, Mama.” I hopped out of the bed and zoomed outside, screaming. I soon saw a girl with brown braids waving at me. It was Brownie. I ran towards her. I turned the corner and I saw my teacher. She didn’t look happy.
I was in big trouble!

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  1. Hi Keelin, it may be worth looking at your paragraphs, you only have two. I bet you could improve that.