Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Legend Of Sunni and Breejo.

Many years ago, near Fiji, in the small village Kohiho lived the powerful, ruling King Matipo, the Queen Madisgo and their twin daughters Breejo and Sunni. Sunni was extremely mischief. She always hurt the surroundings near her. She chipped the bark off the trees, she picked leaves of the first ever tree ever grown in Kohiho and she never ever listened to her family. Her father never respected her at all. It was all about Breejo. She was always nice to everyone and King Matipo gave her the rights to be next on the throne. Sunni never really like her sister even though she was more well behaved.

One dark evening, as the moon reflected off the ocean, Breejo was playing around with her friends outside. Her friends ran off into the woods and dared Breejo to follow them. Breejo never really wanted to disobey her father's order by going into the woods after dark but she followed. Soon it became pitch dark. Breejo had lost her friends into the darkness. She yelled for help. No answer was heard. Tears ran down her face. She became tired so she lay in a empty patch of dirt and fell asleep.

The next morning, King Matipo called the royal messenger to tell the village about his lost daughter. The news spread like wildfire. The townspeople cried, searched all over and comforted the upset King, Queen and Sunni. Sunni had enough of the grief of her sister so she went into the woods to look for her. She yelled Breejo's name over and over but no answer. Soon she heard a faint gasp and a voice whispering loudly, "Su--nn--i," 'Goodness it's Breejo,' thought Sunni and she sprinted towards the sound of the voice.

Soon enough, the voice became louder and louder until Sunni saw Breejo in desperate need for help. Her face was scarred and her chest was covered in crimson blood. 'Jinjingos,' thought Sunni. She lifted Breejo onto her back and piggy-backed her all the way home. Soon, she arrived home, gasping for air. King Matipo ran towards them all of a sudden and yelled to the townspeople, "She has returned." He lifted Breejo out of Sunni's arms and carried her into their hut.

The next morning, Breejo was back to health. Her friends were found but very sick. King Matipo reprimanded Breejo after she disobeyed him but no detention was needed. When Breejo was having her delicious goki for lunch, she noticed an arm in a bush. She went to investigate. She searched through the leaves until she gasped. It was Sunni, her eyes were swollen and closed and her chest was covered in blood. She had died on the night she saved Breejo. Breejo's eyes were full of tears. She ran to tell her parents. King Matipo mourned the loss of his daughter in a quick ceremony. Breejo pleaded for a longer time with her sister but he denied her request but he did promise her one thing.

Now every Winter, many people believe that King Matipo bewitched the leaves on all the trees to fall in memory of his mischief daughter who always pulled the leaves off.

By Keelin

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